Fixed Low-Cost Hosting

TerraMine Hosting provides referral service exclusively to connect CoinTerra customers with carefully selected hosting providers to bring you one low fixed price for hosting, electricity, and management. The monthly fee includes all running costs as well as setup and management fees charged by the hosting provider.

Hash Right Away

Our hosting partners work with data-centers which are located in very close proximity to CoinTerra’s manufacturing facilities. This allows them to deploy your systems immediately upon exiting the manufacturing facility. No need to wait for UPS delivery or clearance through international customs. No additional import taxes or fees.

Guaranteed Up-time

Our hosting partners will guarantee the up-time of your machine and quickly address any hardware challenges. Simply manage your machine remotely with access to full support.

Scale Without Infrastructure Costs

The hosting providers were selected based on their experience in sophisticated Bitcoin mining operations, and are standing by to host your hardware. This allows you to add an unlimited number of TerraMiner systems without the associated infrastructure costs.